Laboratory and Educational Products

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The products we sell are the same products used in our videos.

Silver Soldering Products

Our silver solder contains nickel, which is essential to establish a good mechanical bond and an excellent chemical bond between the solder and the metals being soldered.  We also offer a titanium soldering probe to aid in solder flow control.


Orthodontic Laboratory Basics -- The complete Course

Our six video series is a complete course for beginners, walking you, step by step, through the basics of orthodontic technology. The first two videos are all about the tools, materials, techniques, and some of the science behind their application. Video three is all about learning the anatomy and terminology used to “speak the language” of orthodontics. The final three videos are about combining the tools, techniques, and terminology to make the most common orthodontic appliances and their modifications and variations.


Essix Retainer Construction

This is a single video that shows you everything you need to know in order to make upper and lower Essix retainers.


Here’s a review of our solder from a lab owner who had a serious tarnish problem:

Have you ever had one of those uh oh moments as a lab owner? If you said no, I will pray for you because you surely must be lying! We have all had something that just stumped us. For me it was a problem, not with solder joints simply tarnishing, but turning a hideous black. Only one account had this problem, and he was not in our state. His patients were upset because the appliances were indeed horrible looking. I checked with everyone else, no problems. We didn't do anything different with this account. Even so I made sure that we weren't overheating the solder, being sure to sandblast bands and even the joints after finishing the appliance, steam cleaning every joint to shiny perfection...…..and yet still the joints, after a short time, would become that hideous black color. I lost work because of the problem, but had no solution, until Jay Tyler had a video on solder joints tarnishing. In speaking with the account I found that they had a high sulfur content in their water supply. I tried the solder mixture that Jay had put together and found it to be the solution! Viola no more black solder joints!! Happy to be back in business with this account and very much appreciate Jay's help in solving our problems! Even after 35 years, something can come along that will stump you, I guess! Just thankful for those out there with a willingness to help find a solution! Thanks Jay!

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Watch to Learn More about our Nickel-Silver Solder

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on silver soldering found on our YouTube channel

This video is a discussion of the fundamental science behind what goes into making a well executed silver solder joint.