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“Are you interested in making your own laboratory appliances in-office, or are you in need of instructional material to train a new office laboratory technician? If so, consider this easy-to-follow video training course designed to teach anyone, from orthodontist to novice laboratory technician, how to make basic orthodontic appliances. Mr. Tyler’s skills as a demonstrator are apparent from the very beginning of this course, and his teaching method is genuine and effortless. Orthodontic Laboratory Basics — The Complete Course has my highest recommendation.”

Neal D. Kravitz, DMD, MS

Review from the February, 2019 Journal of Clinical Orthodontics:

Orthodontic Laboratory Basics is the long awaited resource for the orthodontic professional. A must for the orthodontist building the in-house lab in their practice, or the laboratory owner training new technicians. Jay Tyler has produced each video in the most basic of techniques that will strengthen and train the orthodontic team member in the knowledge and skill necessary to fabricate appliances that work! I have personally used these videos, and highly recommend that you add them to your library now!”

Ernie Cardenas, CDT

Faculty Specialist, University of Texas, Health Graduate Orthodontics

Owner of The Retainer Factory, Inc in San Antonio, TX

“I have been working on my space maintainers skills while learning from your amazing videos! I also checked out your soldering educational videos on YouTube. I think they are super and very informative! Thank you for your great efforts!”

Dr. Yazan Aljohani

Pediatric Dentistry, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, Newark, NJ

“The third video alone is worth the set. When training someone new, the hardest part is the language: English to orthodontics. The third video explains all of the anatomy and terminology necessary for a solid foundation. The rest of the videos are like that as well. As I am a lousy teacher, Jay’s videos are the first thing I show new employees.”

Chris Gajewski, CDT

Owner of Bryn Mawr Orthodontic Laboratories, Inc. in Exton, PA:

President of the Association of Orthodontic Laboratory Professionals:

“If you’re serious about learning this industry, Jay Tyler’s videos are the place to start. Jay’s simple and straightforward training process has been used to start many careers, including mine.”

Cade Tippett, CDT

Past President of the Dental Laboratory Association of Texas

Creator of Retainer Designer YouTube channel:

Owner of Tippett Orthodontic Lab, LLC, Farmersville, TX:

“I started making my very first retainers after watching Jay Tyler’s instructional videos. His videos teach the basic principles and techniques on fabricating most orthodontic appliances. These videos are an asset to any beginner technician looking for an opportunity to start a career in making orthodontic appliances.”

Steve Szara

Co-owner of Szara Dental Lab, with wife Laura, in Northville MI, specializing in orthodontic appliances.

Creator of a YouTube channel dedicated to helping ortho and dental technicians around the world:

Orthodontic Laboratory Basics is one of the most helpful resources I have found. I am a self-taught lab tech, and Jay’s videos helped fill in the gaps of the things I had not learned yet. It also has shown me new and better ways to do the thing I already knew how to do. The videos have served as a great tool for me to show potential employees. I highly recommend these videos, if you are wanting to get started in this field, or are looking to hire an employee that needs to learn the basics!”

Tiffany Nicole Prater, CDT, RDA

Owner of Destination Orthodontic Lab in Fort Worth, TX:

Vice-president of the Association of Orthodontic Laboratory Professionals:

Here’s a review of our solder from a lab owner who had a serious tarnish problem:

Have you ever had one of those uh oh moments as a lab owner? If you said no, I will pray for you because you surely must be lying! We have all had something that just stumped us. For me it was a problem, not with solder joints simply tarnishing, but turning a hideous black. Only one account had this problem, and he was not in our state. His patients were upset because the appliances were indeed horrible looking. I checked with everyone else, no problems. We didn't do anything different with this account. Even so I made sure that we weren't overheating the solder, being sure to sandblast bands and even the joints after finishing the appliance, steam cleaning every joint to shiny perfection...…..and yet still the joints, after a short time, would become that hideous black color. I lost work because of the problem, but had no solution, until Jay Tyler had a video on solder joints tarnishing. In speaking with the account I found that they had a high sulfur content in their water supply. I tried the solder mixture that Jay had put together and found it to be the solution! Viola no more black solder joints!! Happy to be back in business with this account and very much appreciate Jay's help in solving our problems! Even after 35 years, something can come along that will stump you, I guess! Just thankful for those out there with a willingness to help find a solution! Thanks Jay!

R. Lee Necaise Lee's Dental Appliances, Inc. 340 Tangerine Ave. Merritt Island, Fl 32953 (321) 452-20621